The Tectonics & Metallogenesis of NE South America

Feb 19-20th 2019, Paramaribo, Suriname

AMIRA International’s P1061A “South American Exploration Initiative (SAXI): The tectonics, architecture and metallogeny of the Proterozoic of northeast South America” project aims to enhance the exploration potential of the Guiana Shield and neighbouring terranes in northeast South America through an integrated program of research and data gathering into its ‘anatomy’. This project will help overcome the fragmentation which comes from a common geology being divided between member states, which has made it difficult for companies to acquire and compile exploration relevant data and information to enable them to develop knowledge-based terrane selection strategies. There is an equally strong commitment to training and training by research to produce the next generation of local industry-aware geoscientists.

Conference Proceedings ready for download (190 Mb)

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