The Tectonics & Metallogenesis of NE South America

Feb 19-20th 2019, Paramaribo, Suriname

The AMIRA International’s P1061A “South American Exploration Initiative (SAXI): The tectonics, architecture and metallogeny of the Proterozoic of northeast South America” project partnered with the Inter-Guiana Conference Series to run a two-day conference attended by 180 people in Paramaribo, Suriname. The conference was attended by a vibrant mix of academics, industry personnel, geological survey staff and a strong contingent of students. This conference highlighted recent research and continuing knowledge gaps in our understanding of the tectonics and metallogenesis of North-Eastern South America.

Conference Proceedings ready for download (190 Mb)

Surinamese news articles on the conference (the first link has a speech in English from the Surinamese Minister of Natural Resources)

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Presentations for download will be made available below for many talks and posters after light editing. This link provides a single file with all uploaded presentations (135 Mb). Available presentations

Amattaram, S., Kroonenberg, S., Wong, T., Mason, P. Petrogenesis, Hydrothermal Alteration and Metamorphism of the Poederberg Pillow Basalts in the Paleoproterozoic Greenstone Belt of Suriname

Anandbahadoer-Mahabier, R., de Roever, E.W.F. The Caicara-Dalbana Belt, a Belt of Felsic and Intermediate Metavolcanics of 1.99 Ga in the Guiana Shield, and Probably Across, in the Guapore Shield

Baratoux, D. A multi-scale roughness map of the Guiana shield 

Baratoux, L., Jessell, M.W., Ernst R.E. Mapping and correlation of West African and South American mafic dykes

Bardoux, M. Gold settings of the Guiana Shield (Keynote)

Beek and van Bergen. Basalt-hosted gold in the Paleoproterozoic Marowijne greenstone belt (Suriname): first insights into volcanic setting and alteration style of the Saramacca deposit

Berni, G.V., Parente, C.V. , Lobato, L.M., de Sampaio, C.C.F.T., Hagemann, S.G. Metallogeny of Copper, Gold and Iron in the Borborema Province

Bertoni, C. and the Dorlin Project Team The Nivré gold deposit, Dorlin Project, French Guiana

Bhoelan, R. Regolith geochemistry of the Saramacca gold project, weathering and saprolite alteration of an orogenic gold deposit in the Marowijne Greenstone belt

Combes, V. Eglinger, A., André Mayer, A.-S., Scheffer, C., Gibert, P., Heuret, A. Polyphase gold mineralization at the Yaou deposit, French Guiana

de Boorder, H. The La Trampa wedge (SE Colombia) revisited

de Kemp, E.A. Complex 3D Integration for Mineral Exploration

de Roever, E.W.F., Beunk, F.F., Yi, K., de Groot, K., Klaver, M., Nanne, J.A.M., van de Steeg, W., Thijssen, A.C.D., Uunk, B., Vos, H., Davies, G.R.,Brouwer, F. The Bakhuis Granulite Belt in W Surinam, its development and exhumation

Fraga, M.L., Cordani, U. Early Orosirian tectonic evolution of the Central Guiana Shield: insights from new U-Pb SHRIMP and LA-ICP-MS data

Gersie, K., van Balen, R.T. The influence of climate and long term sea level change on terrace formation and preservation at the downstream part of the Suriname River, Suriname.

Girjasing, R., Kroonenberg, S., Ramdajal, R., Wong, T. Timing of the origin and uplift of the Bakhuis-Tambaredjo Horst, Suriname

Heesterman, L. Guyana, unresolved geological questions

Heesterman, L. Stratigraphy of Guyana Greenstone Belts

Heuret, A., Loncke, L., Roest, W., Basile, C., Graindorge, D., Poetisi, E. Structure, evolution and magmatic origin of the Demerara marginal plateau (French Guyana – Suriname) as revealed by multidisciplinary oceanographic exploration

Jessell, M. Overview of the SAXI program

Jessell, M.W. and the WAXI Team The West African Exploration Initiative

Kioe-A-Sen, N., van Bergen, M. Gold mineralisation in the Paleoproterozoic greenstone belt of Suriname: geochemical constraints on precursor rocks of the strongly silicified Overman deposit

Klein, E. Metallogenic evolution of the Guiana Shield in Brazil (Keynote)

Kriegsman, L., Mason, P.R.D., Kroonenberg, S. Zircon U-Pb geochronology by LA-ICP-MS in the Marowijne Greenstone Belt, Suriname: methodology & preliminary results

Kromopawiro, S.C., Kroonenberg, S., Kriegsman, L., Mason, P.R.D 2.12 – 2.08 Ga Late- to postcollisional peraluminous granitoid magmatism in the Marowijne Greenstone Belt of Surinam

Kroonenberg, S., Mason,P.R.D., Kriegsman, L. M., de Roever, E.W.F., Wong, T.E. Geology and mineral deposits of the Guiana Shield (Keynote)

La Cruz, N. L., Simon, A.C., Harden, M. Magnetite geochemistry as a tool for exploration in Guyana

Lafon, J.-M., da Rosa-Costa, L. T., Milhomem Neto, J.M. Sr-Nd-Hf Isotopic Tracing of Archean Continental Crust in the Brazilian Part of the Southeastern Guyana Shield: A Review (Keynote)

LaPoint, D.J. From Small scale miners to Discovery, the Nassau Project and the Discovery of the Merian Mine

Lobato, L., da Costa, M.A., Hagemann, S.G., Silva, R.F., Berni, G.V. Early Orosirian tectonic evolution of the Central Guiana Shield: insights from new U-Pb SHRIMP data (Keynote)

Mason, P. Greenstone Belt Geochemistry: A window into early Earth processes and resources

Monsels, D. Bauxite formation on Proterozoic basement and Tertiary sediments in Suriname

Naipal, R., Kronnenberg, S., Mason, P.R.D. Ultramafic rocks of the Paleoproterozoic greenstone belt in the Guiana Shield of Suriname, and their mineral potential

Parra, L., McFarlane, H., Fiorentini, M.L., Tedeschi, M. Lessons from the West African Craton, Archean and Paleoproterozoic tectonic evolution, derived from in-situ zircon data: applications to northern South American tectonic evolution?

Patadien, R., LaPoint, D., de Roever, E.W.F The K3 Copper Deposit in the Bakhuis Granulite Belt, W Suriname

Perrouty, S. and the NSERC-CMIC Footprint Team and the CFREF Metal Earth Team Innovations for gold exploration in Precambrian greenstone belts: highlights from the Footprints and Metal Earth programs and potential applications to the Guiana Shield

Ramlal, S., Kroonenberg, S.B., Mason,P.R.D., Kriegsman, L. M., O’Sullivan, P. Multiphase TTG intrusions in the Paleoproterozoic greenstone belt of Suriname and their role in gold mineralization in the Rosebel gold district

Spencer, J. Late Quaternary geochronology of detrital gold

Tedeschi, M., Hagemann, S.G., Davis, J. Geochemical and isotopic characterization of hydrothermal alteration and gold mineralization at the Karouni orogenic gold deposits: Guyana, South America

Thebaud, N., Davis, J., Miller, J. Regional lithostratigraphic record as a proxy for mineral systems of the South West African Craton

Thorne, R., Anand, R., Salama, W., Metelka, V. Geochemical Exploration in Regolith Dominated Terrains

Valette, M., De Souza, S., Mercier-Langevin, P., Côté-Mantha, A.C.O., Simard, M., McNicoll, V. Tectono-metamorphic and hydrothermal evolution of the world-class Amaruq BIF-associated gold deposit, Churchill Province, Canada

Vanderhaeghe, O., Ledru, P. Paleoproterozoic crustal growth and differentiation of the Transamazonian orogenic belt of French Guiana: A guide for the understanding of Au mineral system

Watson, T., LaPoint, D., Stewart, K. Arc volcanism and sedimentation in a synkinematic Paleoproterozoic basin: Rosebel Gold Mine, northeastern Suriname

Wijngaarde, G.W., Kroonenberg, S.B., Mason, P.R.D., Kriegsman, L.M. Petrography, geochemistry and age of the Armina Formation metaturbidites of the Coppename River, Suriname